We provide legal services related to Intellectual Property Rights with court related action or other alternatives to solve conflicts, such as:



3.co-existence agreement;

4.Civil proceedings for infringement of trademarks, copyrights, patents and designs in the court;

5.Response, Objection, Opposition and Appeal proceeding in the Trademark Office;

6.Actions for breaches of distribution, licensing and franchise agreements;

Based on our experience since 1983 and the various cases we have taken care of, we believe that we are the most suitable to accommodate with your legal needs.

Our Lawyers also provide other legal services to assist client who have legal problem as follows:

1.Drafting and Reviewing of Business Agreements;

1.Establishment of Business Entities;

2.Investment of Foreign and Domestic Business;

3.Obtaining investment permits;

4.Foreign Trade and promotion;

5.Loan Agreement;

6.Land Expropriation;



8.Certification of Land;

9.Settlement of Labour Dispute;

10.Establishment of Bank;

11.Lease Agrement;

12.Criminal Law;

13.Family Law;

1.Civil Law.

Furthermore, we are also able to solve your conflicts outside the jurisdiction of Indonesia with our well coordination with many foreign firms in USA, Canada, China, Singapore, and other countries