A creation of shape, configuration or composition of lines or colors, or lines and colors, or a combination thereof in the form of three-dimensional or two-dimensional gives aesthetic impression and can be realized in a pattern of three-dimensional or two-dimensional and can be used to produce a product , goods, commodities industrial or handicraft (Act No. 31 of 2000 on industrial Designs Article 1 paragraph 1)

With the registration of industrial designs, Industrial Design Right Holder has the exclusive right to exercise the rights and to prohibit others without consent make, use, sell, import, export, and / or distribute related products for commercial purposes.

We offer the following services :

1.Examination of Industrial Design.

2.Application for registration of industrial designs.

3.Opposition to a petition.

4.Request official excerpt.

5.Request for priority document.

6.Request a copy of the certificate.

7.Registration of the transfer of rights.

8.Recording of the license agreement.

9.Change of name and address.

10.Cancellation of industrial design.


11.Request repair industrial design application data.

11.Request repair industrial design application data.

12.Correction industrial design registration certificate on data errors industrial design registration application submitted applicant.

13.The filing objections to the application for industrial design announced.

14.Filing an appeal against the decision rejecting the request of industrial design that was rejected under Article 2 and Article 4.

15.Examination and registration of Industrial Design in Foreign Countries.