We provide legal services related to Intellectual Property Rights with court related action or other alternatives to solve conflicts, such as:

The Intellectual Property world has been rapidly growing and it affects our live even without us knowing that it does. What we wear, what we see, and what we eat might all have a symbol, logo, picture, or word engraved on a side, all of them signify that it belongs to someone. Even somebody owns our favorite websites. These symbol, logo, picture, words, and naming are all features to distinguish a trademark and/or service mark from another. Then, why would you leave no specially designed character to mark something that is rightfully yours? Our office just might be your answer to your thoughts. We, General Patent International, are more than happy to help you design your very own representation of mark. Should you feel interested to learn more about having your own design for your very own mark, please drop us a hotline at (62-21) 3458480, (62-21) 3501614, (62-21) 3503567, (62-21)3454515 or write us at graphicdesign@gpi.co.id