The creator an exclusive right that arises automatically on the basis of declarative after a work embodied in a tangible form without reducing restrictions in accordance with the provisions of the legislation (Act No. 28 of 2014 on Copyright Article 1 paragraph 1).

Creation of protected includes work in the fields of science, art, and literature, consisting of:

1. Books, pamphlets, typographical arrangement of a published work, and all other written works.

2.Speeches, lectures, speeches, and other similar Creation.

3. Props made for the purposes of education and science.

4. Songs and / or music with or without text.

5. Drama, musicals, dance, choreography, puppet shows, pantomimes.

6. Works of art in all forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, sculpture, sculpture, or collage.

7. Works of applied art.

8. Works of architecture.

9. Maps.

10. Art batik artwork or other motives.

12. Photographic works.

13. Images.

14. Cinematographic works.

15.Translations, interpretations, adaptations, anthologies, databases, adaptation, arrangement, modification and other works of the results of the transformation.

16.Translation, adaptation, arrangement, transformation, or modification of traditional cultural expressions.

17.Creation or data compilation, either in a format that can be read by the computer program or other media.

18. Tompilation of traditional cultural expressions during the compilation of an original work.

19.Tideo games, and

20. Computer Programs.

There are two types of rights under copyright:

1. Economic rights, which allow the rights owner to derive financial reward from the use of his works by others; and

2. Moral rights, which protect the non-economic interests of the author.

Criteria of an invention that is not patentable:

1. Any process or product of which the announcement and use or implementation contravenes the prevailing rules and regulations, religious morality, public order or ethics;>

2. Any method of examination, treatment, medication, and/or surgery applied to humans and/or animals;

3. Any theory and method in the field of science and mathematics; or all living creatures, except micro-organism

Any biological process which is essential in producing plant or animal, except non-biological process or microbiological process.

We offer the following services :

1.Conducting a patent search;

2.Preparing and filing patent applications in Indonesia and further prosecution including filing a request for substantive examination, reporting and responding to an office action up to the patent grant;

3.Preparing, filing and prosecuting a PCT international application through WIPO and the PCT national phases or convention patent applications in any foreign countries;

4.Translating patent documents English-Indonesian and Indonesian-English;

5.Attending payments for annuity fees with the Indonesian Patent Office;

6.Recording assignments and/or change of data of a patent application/patent;

7.Counseling on patentability of an invention.