GENERAL PATENT INTERNATIONAL (GPI Advocate & Consultants) is an independent .

Intellectual Property Agency specializing in the management of Copyright, Patent, Trademark and Industrial Design in Indonesia and around the world. Since 1983 that has handled many cases in the courts, licensing, franchising, civil law, criminal law, business law and intellectual property rights in Indonesia. GPI then joined the cooperation with Mr. Ludiyanto. to set up a new office, known as the Law Office ‘Ludiyanto, SH & Associates’, a member of the International General Patent.In keeping with the economic development that have an effect on the improvement of people’s needs, then Ludiyanto, SH & Associates has been a law office independent despite all together still in one group where once it was known as the a law office independent despite all together still in one group where once it was known as the GENERAL PATENT

specialized care of the legal aspects of the Management of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia from Feedback, Disclaimer, Opposition and Appeal within the scope of the Directorate of Brand. In addition LUDIYANTO & PARTNER also experienced in related piracy Police Reporting and Law Enforcement in the field of intellectual property rights and so forth, Litigation, non Litigation in various areas ranging from civil to criminal. GPI helped many companies and individuals obtain and maintain a competitive advantage through service and education that we provide so that every created intellectual work protected, and encouraging entrepreneurs and creators to innovate and create new works. GPI members of various national and international organizations which deal with matters relating to intellectual property, among others :

INTA (International Trademark Association)

AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association)

ECTA (European Communities Trademark Association)

LES (The Licensing Executives Society)

UPS (Indonesian Intellectual Property Society)

AKHKI (Association of Indonesian Intellectual Property Rights)